Поздравление от Европейского комитета профсоюзов образования

Dear friends and colleagues,

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate and greet you on your 95th anniversary. All though it is a high age it proves that the Union is still viable and going strong. Teacher Unions across the world were some of the earliest Unions to be established and ever since teachers have been a strong force in society. And for that matter, it is still needed in society of today. We appreciate the cooperation with you and I certainly hope that we will share and develop our relations further in the future.

We have many challenges for education today and we are all concerned about Quality Education and the status and working conditions, including salaries for teachers. Time has proven the value of international cooperation and solidarity and in EI and ETUCE we will leave no one behind.

We are living for the moment in an unstable world and looking positively to the future, education has a pivotal role. Education is the tool not only for getting skills and knowledge right – Education is also the possibility to give future generations the ability to understand the context and be able to make the right choices themselves. I do hope you will celebrate your 95th Anniversary in high spirit and good mood. I wish you all well, good health and a prosperous future for you as members and for the Union as a whole.

Greetings in solidarity,

Martin Rømer

European Director, ETUCE

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